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Compare Cosmetics to Truth



What are Cosmetic Foundations and what is Truth?

The Best foundation makeup in the world.
Why do we say Best Foundation in the world? Here is the proof.
It is the Number ONE Foundation makeup for over 30 years. It has been sold to many Women, Men, Children that use it for many differnet reasons. Such as hiding skin blemishes, scars, imperfections, masking lines and aging, helping cover many areas that make us overcome a flaw to flawless, Photographers, Makeup Artists, Broadway Shows and Productions, Brides, Movie Stars, Plays, Dancers, Actors and Actresses, right down to the Teenager and Mother who want to look good for themselves and there loved ones. Foundation is a coverup that makes us flawless and helps us to be what we want to be, without worrying who will see our flawlessness. Yes! This makeup is the true, down to earth best makeup out there. You will not find another foundation out there that can beat it. A foundation that you don’t have to apply over and over again. People will look at you and say, “You have such beautiful skin. This makeup is perfect for anyone and everyone. Are you looking for the “Ultimate, Best Foundation out there?  This product is not only proven to make your skin look great, it makes you look younger, hides lines, scars and imperfections. It gives you the confidence you need to feel great and look great. Do you know what is even better?  You don’t have to keep purchasing your cream or liquid foundation constantly every month or two. The prices in the stores are ridiculous. This foundation lasts from 9 months to a year or more.  At a Great, Low, Price.
Well, Guess What?  No! More!  You have just found a new way to cover and clear your old foundation with a new foundation.  It gives you everything you could ever want in a foundation. What is the name of this product you ask?

The products name is Beauty On The Road’s most favorite and most popular. We reccommend it to anyone/everyone who wants to have the Perfect Skin, and wants a Picture that is Perfect.  Start your new foundation today.

You will not only feel good about yourself, but you will have the Perfect Picture look you’ve always wanted. How do you Purchase his great product:
Go to:

Perfect Picture Foundation for the Low Price of  $39.99.

How to apply:

In the morning right after you have taken a shower or refreshed/washed your face, apply a natural skin care moisturizer. (If you need help in finding the right one for your skin, write to us or contact us. We will be happy to help you find any or all products to help you achieve the goals you desire.
How do you apply the moisturizer?  Number One RULE: Wash your hands thoroughly.
Applying Moisturizer: Always apply all creams and lotions in an upward motion except for the Lips and eyes.  Always apply moisturizer to the eyes and lips with an >>>>>>> Inward Motion   <<<<<<<<<<< 


<<<<<<<<Never Outward >>>>>
Never apply it going outward on the eyes or lips… Never apply cream to a line in the direction it is going. Always apply it in the opposite direction. Why? Because you will not be helping the line. You will be stretching the skin and creating lines. You will be working against it. (Email us with any concerns)

Applying the Perfect Picture Foundation:
Apply with your index finger. Use very little. Just lightly touching the cream will give you the exact amount. Do not use any applicators. Your index finger will be fine. Apply in the same way you applied your moisturizer. Remember to apply in the direction, inwards with the eyes and lips.
Remember the last and most important rule of all. “SMILE”.

It takes less muscles to smile and more to frown. So! Smile. Its contagious.


Cosmetics and Truth

Cosmetics cover the truth. If the foundation is perfect, you will not find fault. The truth is real. Where a strong foundation is built on a sturdy base. To have such a foundation is a ground of truth.

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