Aroma DaVinci360 – Black with White – Commercial HVAC – Scent Diffuser


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Aroma DaVinci360 – Black with White – Commercial HVAC – Scent Diffuser

The VanGogh360 combines the ease, convenience and portability of a stand-alone unit with the power, quality and consistency of HVAC scenting. Operating with the latest cold air diffusion technology, the VanGogh360’s atomizer preserves the therapeutic properties of the essential oil based aroma oils. When used as a stand-alone unit, the VanGogh360’s built-in fan allows for even and efficient coverage of large open spaces.  For maximum versatility, the VanGogh360 has an adapter that allows the system to be connected to the HVAC system.

The VanGogh360’s easy-to-use internal timer provides the ultimate level of control as it has a programmable weekly timer that allows up to four unique operating periods to best fit your scenting schedule.

Ideal option for medium to large spaces such as lobbies, offices, homes, halls, retail stores, spas, fitness centers and much much more.

Choose from a wide variety of Aroma360 Fragrances, or order the Aroma360 Fragrance Sampler Pack and let “scents” be your guide.


  • Scent coverage up to 1,800 sq/ft
  • Stand-alone and/or HVAC connection capabilities
  • Wall mountable
  • Silent, discrete and residue-free
  • Cold-air diffusion technology ensures consistent and subtle scenting without any highs or lows
  • Low-maintenance units are pre-set to your specific needs
  • Easy-to-use digital timer allows for settings to be adjusted at any time
  • Ability to lock the settings to prevent customers or employees from tampering
  • Security lock for the fragrance compartment

Please contact us for more information on Purchasing Scents Available. We will Customize & Specialized the Perfect Scents for your home, office, business, store, warehouse, building.


Manufacturer Part Number Aroma360-VanGogh360
Coverage Up to 1,800 sq/ft
Color Black or White
Dimensions 13″ h x 10″ l x 5.75″ d
Weight 12.3 lbs
Voltage DC12V

For More Information or questions please write:                         or Call: 516 768-8616

Additional information

Weight 320 oz
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 25 in


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