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48” long design to support side-sleepers and expectant mothers.

Why You’ll Love It

Ideal for side-sleepers and expectant mothers, our BodyPillow™ features a medium-firm sleeve of TEMPUR® material filled with shapeable microcushions that respond to the shape and pressure of your body to provide support where you want it.

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Side sleepers


Standard: 48″ x 14″ x 7″

Dimensions of each individual pillow may vary.

TEMPUR® material sleeve filled with shapeable TEMPUR micro-cushions that adjusts as you need
Supports head, neck and shoulders, allowing muscles to fully relax for more restful sleep
Removable and washable cover

5-year limited warranty

Rest Easy: Tempur-Pedic® Pillows

Tempur-Pedic pillows are made with high-quality materials and rigorous standards, so you get a durable, long-lasting product. Still, we realize that sometimes things go wrong. To protect you against product defects, we include a 5-year limited warranty with our pillows. You can rest assured that the pillow you love tonight will last for years to come.

Tempur-Pedic® Pillow 5-Year Limited Warranty

Tempur-Pedic North America, LLC (“Tempur-Pedic“) guarantees that it will, at Tempur-Pedic’s option, replace or repair purchaser’s product if it is defective due to faulty workmanship or materials, subject to the limitations described in this warranty. This warranty does not include a normal increase in softness of the TEMPUR® material which does not affect the adaptive qualities of the product.

This warranty covers:

• any physical flaw in the product that causes the material to split or crack despite normal usage and proper handling; and

• deterioration of the cell structure of the material that causes the product to not return to its original shape.

During the five (5) years of this warranty, Tempur-Pedic will at its option, repair or replace the product, at a handling cost to the purchaser.


Sorry: given their use as a personal item, pillows may not be returned.

Given the personal nature of these products, we accept returns only if the item is damaged at delivery or if there is a product defect. Each of our products carries a warranty to protect your investment.

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Weight 180 oz
Dimensions 52 × 18 × 11 in


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